Jane Holloway

Early Years Practitioner – Massage Therapist


gymnastics coach



First Aid

Baby Massage

I have worked on Monday’s at Little Angels for nearly 6 years.  I love working with you children to help them build their confidence and to know that there is nothing that they cannot achieve.  I have worked with pre-school children for the past 14 years as a pre-school gymnastics coach, so I sometimes bring in some of the basic things we do in our gymnastics classes to help with coordination, movement and confidence.

When I’m not working at Little Angels I teach gymnastics in Oakham to pre-school children all the way up to adults. I also teach Mindfulness in Primary Schools and training to teach Mindfulness to Adults through Bangor University now.  I am also delivering workshops to Year 11 children on how to deal with anxiety and stress.  In addition to this I have a Wellness Centre in Uppingham where I carry out Reiki Treatments and Training along with general wellbeing. 

So, to summarise I would say that I am passionate about children and adults becoming the best version of themselves that they can be and equipping them with the tools they need to be able to achieve that.