The success of this project would be evident in the daily lives of the children.  Staff members will be passionate about the delivery and this will resonate into each day. The setting will create an environment this is an extension of home, rather than a diluted version of school.  Where children feel safe they reach their full potential.

Children will leave the setting reaching their very best attainment levels and be ready for the next stage in their lives equipped with the life skills and passion for learning that will allow them to reach their full potential.  Having the use of language as a communication tool is vital for children to be successful in life.  At the time of writing there is a word gap of some 30 million has been reported (Hartshorne, 2018) as the difference between a 3 year old living in poverty than a household with average and above income!  30 million less words!  Addressing this by creating a language rich environment where new words are shared, learned and spoken will allow children to be confident to speak and communicate.